NTT System management


 Tadeusz Kurek - Chief Executive Officer

A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, received his Master of Science degree majoring in Telecommunication.

Professional career:
Institute of Geophysics PAN - Assistant
1984-1985 Manufacturing facilities of Telecommunications Equipment – Design engineer
1985-1987 Institute of Fundamental Technological Research -
1987-1988 COMP Sp. z o.o. - Trader
1988-1989 ADATA Sp. z o.o. -
Executive Vice President
1989-2006 CEO of  NTT System Sp. z o.o.
2004– present CEO of NTT System S.A.

Mr. Tadeusz Kurek not only acts as a chairman of the board but also serves the following functions:
Member of the Supervisory board Case Factory S.A. (from 2006 r.)
CEO of KUREK-TRYBOŃ Sp. z o.o.

In 2006 he was recognized by Computer Reseller News Magazine for "The IT Market 2005 man of the year";

Jacek Kozubowski -
Executive Vice President 

Graduate of the School of Planning and Statistics (now  Warsaw School of Economics), earned a degree in Economics majoring in Economics of Labor and Social Policy.

Professional career:
1981-1989 Zakład Budowlano-Remontowy Robotniczej Spółdzielni Mieszkaniowej; Osiedle Młodych”- Chief Economist. Head of the Department of Economics
03.1989-10.1989 ADATA Sp. z o.o. - Head of the Department
Executive Vice President of NTT System Sp. z o.o.
1999-2006 CEO of NTT System Transport Sp. z o.o.
2004- present
Executive Vice President NTT System S.A.
2006-2007 –
Member of the Supervisory board Case Factory
2008-Chairman of Supervisory Board Case Factory

Witold Markiewicz -
Executive Vice President 

A graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, received a master's degree in chemistry
majoring energochemical processing of coal.

Professional career:

1979-1985 Sędzimira Ironworks  in Cracow - Faculty of Chemistry shift manager, shift manager of the faculty of coke ovens, and Branch Manager of the coke ovens
Carpenter workshop- Owner
1987-1989 Intester S.A. -
Technical Specialist
1990-1991 Intester S.A. - Director of Sales
1991-1992 Qumak International - Marketing specjalist
1993-1994 Qumak International -
Director of Distribution
1994-1997 DTK Computer Polska Sp. z o.o. - Director of Sales
1997-2003 DTK Computer Polska Sp. z o.o. -Director General
2003-2006 NTT System Sp. z o.o. - Director General
2004-presentl NTT System S.A. - Executive Vice President



The Supervisory Board of the Fifth Term (od 08.10.2012)

Janusz Cieślak - Supervisory Board member

Przemysław Fabiś- Supervisory Board member

Grzegorz Kurek - Supervisory Board member

Davinder Singh Loomba - Supervisory Board member

Andrzej Rymuza- Supervisory Board member



Davinder Singh Loomba -
Supervisory Board member 

Graduated from University Sang Nila Utama General in Singapore, received the Certificate of Examination "0" Level (equivalent to Polish Bachelor)

Professional career:
1978-1984 Singapur army - Controller
1985-2000 Lincoln Computers - Partner/Owner
1992- present- partner and member of  Maharaja Sp. z. o.o board
In the years 1989-2006 Mr. Davinder Sing Loomba was a shareholder of the NTT System Sp. z.o.o.


Andrzej Rymuza - Supervisory Board member

Graduate of Technical School of Telecommunications in Warsaw.

Professional career:
1992 - 1994 ICL Poland LTD - servicing engineer of UNIX systems

UNIX LTD,1995 - 2000 Sun Microsystem Poland Sp. z o.o- database system engineer and Commercial Director responsible for telecommunications market

2000 - 2006 EMC Computer Systems Poland Sp. z o.o - Commercial Director
Since August 2006 Mr Rymuza has served as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at WASKO S.A. He is also the Deputy CEO of WASKO S.A.



Grzegorz Kurek - Supervisory Board member

Mr. Grzegorz Kurek completed secondary education. Is a student of School of Economics and the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. 


Przemysław Fabiś - Supervisory Board member

Mr. Przemysław is a graduate of Poznan University of Economics  his specialty is Capital Investments and Enterprises Financing Strategies. Mr. Przemyslaw gained his professional experience in the  auditing field working for HLB Frackowiak Sp. z.o.o. (now Grant Thornton Frackowiak Sp.) and Ernst & Young Audit Sp. z.o.o. His other interests are contemporary literature and travel - South-East Asia. Mr. Przemyslaw Fabiś is a certified auditor and has an ACCA affiliate status. 

Professional career:
2000 - 2004 HLB Frąckowiak i Wspólnicy Sp. z o.o. as an assistant in the audit department, senior in the audit department,
2004 - 2007 Ernst & Young Audit Sp. z o.o. Senior Manager in the audit department manager in the audit department
2007 - 2010 ELTEL Networks S.A. Financial Officer, Board Member, Vice-President

From 2008 TKC ZUST Sp. z o.o. member of the board


Krzysztof Gołubowski - Supervisory Board member

Mr. Krzysztof is a graduate of the Department of Economics at University of Warsaw and is a certified auditor. He has extensive experience in the area of accounting and reporting (including reporting according to IFRS), reviewing financial statements and team management.

Professional career:
1996 - 1998 PricewaterhouseCoopers - consultant in Assurance and Business Advisory Services Department
1998 - 2001 PricewaterhouseCoopers - Team leader Assurance and Business Advisory Services Department
2001 - 2007 PZU SA - Deputy director of the consolidated reporting  office 
2007- 2009 PZU SA - Consolidated report office director, member of the accounting standards committee of the PZU Group.

Currently works with the National Center for Research and Development.

Chief Financial OffSenior Manager for Audit Revision and Internal Controlcer, Auditor